Sunday, September 2, 2012

T-194 : Journaling Fuel

Emily's finding it hard the past few days to find anything to write about.  I send myself notes during the day as I think of things so that I can elaborate on them later that night.  Here's another article with helpful hints:

Find Your Journaling Fuel
Get Motivated and Inspired to Write! 
It is seemingly impossible to keep a consistent journal and not feel the fruits of self-betterment in your life. Goals are accomplished, problems are solved, history is recorded and talents are honed as we transform our fluid thoughts into written word.
Why then do we so often struggle to do it? Similar to other self-improvement activities such as jogging and meditation, just doing it is much more than half the battle. And, just like these other endeavors, the motivation required for one can vary wildly from another. Someone may journal every day because they want to record their stories for posterity while someone else might write an entry now and again just to vent. For this reason it is important that we each find the unique driving forces that will actually encourage us enough to sit down and write something down.

Motivation to journal can be divided into eight categories: self improvement, creativity, family, writing, problem solving, spirituality, daily life and logging. This list of 101 Reasons to Journal breaks each of these down into manageable pieces to better help us understand what fuel will stoke our journaling fire and adds commentary for further explanation.
Journal on, my friend! 
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