Sunday, September 30, 2012

T-144 : Simply Solitary

Yesterday we took advantage of free admission to Yellowstone by day tripping to Old Faithful.  We had lunch in the cafeteria then went on a stroll around the backside.  It's not true that there's a little man behind a tree turning the geyser on and off on a schedule.  At least, if it is true, we didn't see him.  We walked around through the trees looking for the overlook.  By the time we got there we'd missed the eruption.  As we moseyed back down the trail we came upon Solitary Geyser.  It "erupts" every 5-7 minutes but only reaches about 4 feet.  The 2 eruptions we saw only lasted seconds, too.  In fact, the one before this one that we caught on video was less than a split second and made Emily shriek.  I even jumped.  Good times, though.  We made a commitment to get back there again sometime and spend even more time enjoying this treasure that's only a 2 hour drive from our house.  C'mon over and we'll take you there!
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