Monday, September 24, 2012

T-155 : Serendipitous Circumstances

Today I took a walk to our family bank to withdraw money that we'd been using as a business account then promptly walked across town to deposit it in another bank where I had an account that I opened months ago when they had a "free iTunes card" promotion.  I'd since let the account go dormant and had accrued $10 dormancy fees for the last 2 months in a row.  As I got there I'd forgotten that my good friend -- who I served in the Elders Quorum with -- was the branch manager.  Also, my next door neighbor is a customer service rep.  They reversed the fees and he took me out to lunch on his dime.

Earlier in the day I'd gotten the approval to rehire a student that is more knowledgeable on SharePoint than anyone I know on campus.  That will be a great boon to me.  I didn't expect my boss to approve it so quickly.  Then he reported to work moments before a major meeting to discuss the future of SharePoint in the new IT reorganization.  It was definitely a blessed course of events.

Tonight Tara taught the FHE lesson on the concept of "optimism".  I believe that will lead to great goodness in our family as we continue to practice.  The thing I want to caution against is the Polyanna Principle; where people will regard one as being too positive to be real.  Do you think that's a valid concern?
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