Monday, September 3, 2012

T-193 : Gimme Breaks

As I was watching a cooking show the other day I found it remarkable that the person breaking the egg was using two hands.  I eat an egg every morning for breakfast and always break it with one hand.  I had to ponder for a moment before I realized that I haven't always known how to do that.  At some point I had it ingrained into my skill-set to the point that it appeared odd to me to see someone do it a different way.  How many other things in our lives might we have learned at some point then incorporated to the degree that we no longer remember when -- or sometimes if -- we even learned them at all?  We just know them.  Let this egg cracking be a lesson.  Some things we become while our minds don't allow us the capacity to even recall when we became them.  Let's not look at folks who crack eggs with 2 hands any differently.

By the way, do you crack with one hand or two?
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