Sunday, July 31, 2011

T-283 : About Me?

This one made me stop and think.  What's the population of your little world?

Nicole Sheahan Notes Above the Noise: Outside my own little world: "Trying to get outside my own little world... In my own little world it hardly ever rains I've never gone hungry, always felt safe I got so..."

T-284 : Parky Pooper?

We're already too lazy as a society.  Just find a parking spot a little further away and walk a little.  Sometimes you even get there faster!  Most times you get there in better spirits, too!

Science: People Really Do Take Longer Leaving a Parking Spot When You're Waiting For It - The Atlantic

T-285 : Bible Liker

I especially like the part where he said:

"...when God chooses to speak through an individual, that person does not become a mindless ventriloquist, an earthly sound system through which the Almighty can express Himself. Rather, the person becomes enlightened and filled with intelligence or truth."

LDS Church News - King James Bible Symposium: LDS revere Bible

T-286 : Dang Right!

I especially like the sentence:

"The real curse words are those spoken in hate, anger or fear that are intended to label a person different from you as inferior."

Where do you stand?

T-287 : Knitters Judge?

I kind of feel the same way about knitters.  Are they really just lost in their yarn or are they thinking that I could be doing better?

T-288 : Over Under?

over-underIt appears that most people like it over as opposed to under.  Are you opposed to either way?

The Great Toilet Paper Debate: Over or Under?

T-289 : Smiley Truck

This truck seemed to be happy to be at the temple.  Do you always wear the same kind of smile when you go or does it have to be painted on?

T-290 : Caller Ender

I realize that I lack tact.  I'm working on it.  Maybe you can help.  I see a lot of truth in the comic to the right.  Why don't more people say what they mean?