Monday, April 25, 2011

T-305 : Orphan Emily

I took Emily to Oliver auditions the other night because Tara had a homework project that she needed to work on.  The high school hallway was pretty chaotic and Emily was a bit unprepared to sing "Consider Yourself" with the other 3 girls that were asked to enter the choir room at the same time as her.  There were over 160 total who tried out.  She did a good job of Twinkle Little Star at the suggestion of the director (see below).  And, wouldn't you know it, she made it as the 59th (I'm not sure what order they're listed in; see if you can figure out at Workhouse Orphan.  Congratulations, Emily!

T-306 : Episodic Gorging

In a talk the other night at a stake leadership meeting one of the speakers quoted Neal A. Maxwell as having used the term,
"...gorging episodically with heedless hunger..."
 I looked it up online to find that he used this phrase in a book he wrote in 1977.  I haven't yet read the book but I just now put it on my GoodReads list (see below).  Until I do read it I'll consider it as timeless wisdom.  Balance is the key, whether in physical or spiritual hunger.  Do you agree?

T-307 : Floor Loops

Yesterday at Stake Conference the folks in front of us had some kids that were snacking on Froot Loops.  In a moment when I was distracted from the speaker I noticed that some of them had fallen on the floor.  I reached down, picked one up, and popped it in my mouth.  It was a bit of shock-value humor for Tara and Emily.  Emily subsequently took it is a dare to pick one up and follow suit.  She then picked one up for each of her brothers and even finally roped her mother into the sin.  What do you think?  How much eternal trouble are we going to be in?  Or are we going to be blessed because we helped keep the floor of the chapel clean?