Wednesday, February 23, 2011

T-328 : We're #116!

Thanks to "kimscadlock" at PhotoBucket.
The other day I tooted the horn for one of my Alma Maters, USU.  Today I'll toot for BYU-Idaho.  According to Forbes we made the list of "America's Best Colleges".  Woohoo!  Here's a couple of highlights from the story along with the link to the entire press release below:
  • BYU-I currently ranks above University of Utah, which placed at 158 and Brigham Young University, which placed at 249.
  • According to, Forbes bases their rankings on “seven million student evaluations of courses and instructors, as recorded on the website Another 25 percent [depends] upon how many of the school’s alumni, adjusted for enrollment, are listed among the notable people in ‘Who’s Who in America.’”
BYU-Idaho Ranks

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

T-329 : Truth Time

I hope the title of this entry didn't scare you away.  I have no skeletons in my closet; at least none that I will divulge here.  I only mean to say that -- while I enjoy telling the truth -- I'm learning that there is a time to speak and a time to shut up.  If you know me well enough to agree, now's your time to chime in.  I'm in admitting mode and ready to receive constructive criticism.

T-330 : Ancestral Colors

Are you surprised by the predominant ancestral color of your state/county?  I can't figure out why the county just to the north of us is colored "Mexican". Can anyone who's lived in Rexburg longer help me understand?

Census-2000-Data-Top-US-Ancestries-by-County-1396x955.png (1396×955)

T-331 : We're #8!

In a not-too-scientific survey my old alma mater, USU, has been rated as having the 8th best student section in the nation of college basketball!  When I was a student there I don't think I went to more than a game or two because I thought I was too poor.  If I live life over again, that's one thing I'll change.

mental_floss Blog » The Quick 10: 10 Famous Student Sections in College Basketball

Monday, February 21, 2011

T-332 : Freeky Fridays!

Just don't spend the extra $5 on extra food!

In fact, I've started ordering a take-out box with my meal and putting half of it away for later before I even start.

Stay fit, buddies!

T-333 : (...

Brains aside, I wonder how many poorly-written scripts will break on this title (or \\;;"\''{\<<[' this mouseover text."It's not an "emoticon" for a frowny face.

It's an unmatched left parenthesis.

Are you able to deal with the tension?

T-334 : Farther Further

I was thinking the other day about the difference between "farther" and "further".  I had to look it up to be sure.  I didn't realize that they actually have different meanings:

  • FARTHER denotes physical advancement in distance.
  • FURTHER denotes advancement to greater degree, as in time. 

The correct answers to the above examples follow:

  • It is farther down the road. (For distance physically traveled.)
  • You read further in the book. (To a greater degree than where you are now.)
  • You further your education. (To a greater degree than what you have now.) 
 So, did you read this fur?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

T-335 : Wrestling Legality?

Is suggesting that something is illegal in professional wrestling not an oxymoron of sorts?

It is entertaining, is it not?

T-336 : Passing Fancy

I like the "Ask Marilyn" column in the Parade Magazine insert in the local weekend paper.  I say "weekend" because our newspaper is only delivered on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays; a money-saving move by the publishers, they say.  At any rate, here's one of my favorite recent write-ups:
Gil Loeser of Madison, Alabama, writes:

Marilyn: What causes some people to speed up when you try to pass them? Sometimes they will even do it on a two-lane road. 

Marilyn responds:

I think this is a sign of a problem personality. Some people feel so bad about their accomplishments that they will seize any little opportunity to thwart another person's intentions.  
Trying to Pass |
 I know that I'm trying to be more merciful and gracious while I'm driving.  This one kind of vindicates me, though.  Do you see it from a different point of view?

T-337 : Starry Might

I wish I knew how to do time-lapse photography.  I finally got my DSLR camera.  It's a Canon Rebel XSi, if anyone knows or cares what those letters mean.  I've got a lot to learn but I'm excited.  Now my next big purchase for it will likely be a zoom lens.  Maybe while I'm saving I can learn how to take pictures like this:

T-338 : Savior Invitations

In Sunday School today we studied the Beatitudes.  We were handed slips of paper, told to write, "The Savior invites me to...", and jot down notes during the lesson.  Here's what I came up with:

  • Meekness is not weakness; but power under control.
  • Be merciful; especially in traffic.
  • Be a peacemaker; content, not contentious.
I'm sure I can study the Sermon on the Mount over and over again and come up with different things to work on as I strive to become more like Jesus Christ.  These are the things that struck me today, though.  With that, I'll keep on keepin' on!

Friday, February 18, 2011

T-339 : Wife Shaver

Shaving your wife kind of reminds me of twue wove (from Princess Bride).

Superman, You Shaved My Wife! [Pic] | I Am Bored

T-340 : iConnect uWin?

If you've ever taken courses at Ricks College or BYU-Idaho click the link, fill in some pertinent information, and be entered to win some cool prizes; including an iPad!  Tell them Tony sent you!

BYUI Connect - Welcome to the BYUI Alumni Discovery Project

T-341 : Parallangle Parking?

Why does parking always have to be either parallel or angled?  Can't we have a compromise?

Monday, February 14, 2011

T-342 : $2 Free

Amazon $2 MP3 Credit Free: ""

I should have posted this before now because it expires in 2.5 hours.  Depending on when you're reading this you may have missed it.  Don't say I never tried to give you anything.

T-343 : Ewe, Two?

Today seems like a fitting day to talk about a little something my sweetie and I started doing on phone conversations some time ago.  It's like a contest for either of us to say, "Love you, too" before the other has initiated the first love you.  It's silly.  It's a bit mushy.  It's a perfect sentiment to end the day on.

T-344 : Lovin' Amour

Close to Home
Une loterie d’amour, or “a drawing for love,” was a popular Valentine’s Day custom in 18th-century France. Groups of unmarried people would gather in houses that faced each other (men in one, women in the other), and women would call out the names of the men with whom they wanted to “couple.” If men rejected ladies who chose them, the jilted women would then gather for a bonfire, where they would yell insults and burn images of the men who turned them down. The practice got so raucous that it was banned by the French government in 1776.

Sounds a little like the Derricott family reunion.  Speaking of reunions, my mom's maiden name is "Bodily".  Don't you think it would be fun to call the reunion "The Annual Bodily Function"?

Sunday, February 13, 2011

T-345 : Tongue Watching

18 Common Phrases to Avoid in Conversation | Real Simple

I'm guilty of saying many things before I think.  Therefore I post these as reminders.  I'll probably need to refer back to them often as I learn tact and diplomacy.

Some of my favorites:
  1. Don’t say: “You look tired.”  Instead say: “Is everything OK?” 
  2. Don’t say: “Wow, you’ve lost a ton of weight!”
    Instead say: “You look fantastic.” 
  3. Don’t say: “You look good for your age.”
    Instead say: “You look great.” 
  4. Don’t say: “That’s not my job.”  Instead say: “I’m not sure that should be my priority right now.”
  5. Don’t say: “This might sound stupid, but…”  Instead say: What’s on your mind. 
  6. Don’t say: “Are you pregnant?” Instead say: “Hello” or “Great to see you” or “You look great.” 
  7. Don’t say: “You always” or “You never” or “You’re a [slob, jerk]” or “You’re wrong.” Instead say: “I’m upset that you left the dishes in the sink again. What can we do so that this stops happening?”

T-346 : Sunday Readers

What goes through people's heads when asked to read in Sunday School?  I sit up straight in my chair and boom out as loudly and deeply as I can my best radio voice.  I like reading aloud.  Some people seemingly shrink.  Others have other emotions I suppose.  What do you do?

T-347 : Bucket List

Years ago I was given a book titled, "the wish list".  It's a checklist of over 6,000 things to do.  I'd forgotten about it but was thinking about it recently.  I finally relocated it again yesterday on the bookshelf and have retrieved it to put it next to the computer.  I think I"ll spend a few minutes in it each day checking off things I've done and making wishes for the future.  It's healthy!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

T-348 : Sweet Home

Twin Lakes up Lost Horse Creek in the Bitterroot National Forest above the Bitterroot Valley of Western Montana.

(Is that enough prepositions for ya?)

I stumbled upon this draft of a blog post that I'd started almost 4 years ago now.  It's nice to look at, no?  At the time, that was home sweet home.  

T-349 : Cold Balance

Balance, Grasshopper.

I was thinking about balance the other day.  So many people seem to talk about the weather.  I suppose that's OK as friendly banter.  I don't like it when people complain about it being "too" anything.  I enjoy the cold and the snow at this time of year because I know the cycles balance out and I want water in the streams in August!

I thought of this further when I was bowling.  I've joined an employee league just this year.  I'm the worst guy in the league but I'm working my way up.  Bowling is all about averages.  You can't focus too much on one ball, one frame, one game, one day.  Granted, a proper amount of focus on each is necessary.  Proper is the key term, though.  If you are upset about a ball your next ball may not be as good.  Likewise with a frame, game, day, etc.

T-350 : Snowman Death


We've all got to die sometime.  I wonder what's on the snowman's bucket list.

Monday, February 7, 2011

T-351 : Dorito Freak

I didn't watch the Super Bowl yesterday.  I'd like to say it was because the bishop inspired me to be vigilant about obeying the Sabbath.  In reality it was more because we don't get Fox on our antenna.

Anyway, I was able to watch this commercial on YouTube earlier last week and got a kick out of it.  I hope you do, too.

YouTube - DORITOS® - Best Part -- Crash the Super Bowl 2011 Finalist

T-352 : Cookie Eater

In contrast to the Supermarket flowchart I just showed -- which focuses on ideals -- this one if much more realistic; if not just humorous.  I actually think a cookie now and then is OK.  I had a maple cookie tonight for Family Home Evening treat.  Thanks, Jacob!  The key is to exercise enough to be able to "afford" to eat a cookie or to spend less calories at some other point in my eating day to balance overall.  It's tough to say "cookie" and not smile, right?
Should You Eat That Cookie? A Flowchart [Pic] | I Am Bored

T-353 : Real Food

I've still got a lot to learn about my physical health.  But when I look at this flowchart and nod in agreement and understanding I feel like I'm on the right path.  What do you think?
howtofindrealfoodatthesupermarket.jpg (569×767)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

T-354 : Score Keeper

I like keeping score.  I am competitive.  I enjoy playing games.  I'm learning to enjoy the playing more than the winning.  It's difficult but more rewarding.  When we play board, card, or dice games at home I enjoy being the scorekeeper.  I like adding the numbers.

I like collecting.  I have thousands of baseball cards.  Tara has helped me realize the value of having less "stuff".

I like keeping track of things.  Part of my job duties at work involve keeping track of hundreds of computers in my area of campus.  I have a spreadsheet that I enjoy filling in the blanks.  It's like a crossword puzzle.  I like those, too.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

T-355 : Funny Guy?

I have always enjoyed making people laugh.  In my family -- my significant peer group for the first many years of my life -- that was rather easy.  As I've grown I've begun to realize that not everyone thinks I'm funny.  Some would have probably picked up on this earlier in life but I'm kind of a slow learner sometimes.

T-356 : More Words

I mentioned before that I like learning, books, and words.  I briefly considered majoring in linguistics in college.  Here are some evidences:

  1. Scrabble - I really like playing online Scrabble.  The best place to play online is at Facebook.  Are you a Scrabbler?  Wanna go?
  2. Mispronouncers - I get a kick -- sometimes it actually bothers me -- out of hearing people pronounce words incorrectly.  Some examples are: counsole, expecially, farmiliar, foryer, jaguire, nucular, pronunciate, reoccurring, realator.  Are you guilty of any?  Am I wrong?  I see that all the words are underlined in red squigglies but for "reoccurring".  Maybe I missed one.
  3. Google Reader - I enjoy news.  Google Reader is my news aggregator of choice.  You should try it!

T-357 : Should I?

Do you share too much or too little?

T-358 : Eternally January?

“Every man should be born again on the first day of January. Start with a fresh page. Take up one hole more in the buckle if necessary, or let down one, according to circumstances; but on the first of January let every man gird himself once more, with his face to the front, and take no interest in the things that were, and are past”.
~ Henry Ward Beecher

T-359 : Maury or Oprah?

Given that so many of you (not us in Idaho) were snowed in today how many of you watched a daytime talk show?  C'mon...admit it!

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T-360 : Snow Wonder!


I've never been in anything this bad.  Have you?

T-361 : Space Snow

U.S. Snowstorm Seen From Space: Wild Weather Captured By NASA (PHOTOS)

I've got a lot of good posts queued up ready to publish.  This one seemed timely enough to share now.  Maybe it'll spur more posts sooner than later.

As you can see from this blurry camera phone photo shot on the way to work this morning we missed the snowstorm but we do have temperatures hovering near 20 below!  That's what makes us tough!