Monday, May 23, 2011

T-296 : My Towel!

So, the other day in the shower at the gym I returned to the towel rack to realize that my towel wasn't where I left it.  In fact, it turned out that the guy next to me had taken my towel!  I'm sure it was a mistake.  But that meant I now had to take his towel!  I felt kind of weird about that.

What would you have done?

T-297 : Grand Death?

While I was uploading some pictures of ours from the Grand Canyon to Picasa tonight I remembered that I saw this book in the bookstore and wanted to read it.  Have you read it?  

I keep track of all my books at  Are you a member?
I also have my pictures uploaded automatically to  How about you?

T-298 : Tony Scout

Here's a blast from the past.  I was once a mighty cub scout!  I enjoyed earning badges so much that I had arrow points running down into my belt line!
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Sunday, May 22, 2011

T-299 : Temple Tenders

Here's one of my million-dollar ideas...a drop-off child-care franchise near every temple.  

Would you go more often if you were able to take your kids to a reliable babysitter on the way to the big house?

T-300 : Spare Roll?

While we're on the subject of bathrooms, what do you do when there's a partially-used roll free from the confines of the TP canister?  Do you use the one on top to help out the custodian?

T-301 : Early Flushers

Automatic flushers are wonderful things, when they work.  There are 2 notable ones in my current life that always prematurely flow as I approach.  I'm sure their leakage is due in no part to my presence but yet any presence.  I can neither confirm nor deny that since I am generally in the restroom by myself.  Regardless, I've learned to avoid them. I don't like approaching falling water.  There was even one at the Olive Garden in Idaho Falls the other night -- a sitter -- that continued to flush umpteen times WHILE I WAS SITTING ON IT!  I thought it might be my motion so I tried to keep very still.  Nothing helped.  For a while I wondered if it might be a bidet.  That's a French word, though.  I guessed they wouldn't have one of those in an Italian restaurant.  I suppose flushing early and often, though, is better than the alternative of not flushing at all.  What do you think?

T-302 : Unsynchronized Lights

I have a few multiple-light-switch plates in my house.  There are even more of them in the classrooms on campus.  Whenever I teach I find it difficult to tell which switch will throw which light.  In my perfect world up would always mean ON while down would always mean off.  Does is bother you when one light switch in the room is up when off, down when on?  Does it bother you when wall plates with multiple switches are neither all up nor all down? 

Saturday, May 21, 2011

T-303 : All 8s

Do I get some sort of prize for capturing the moment that my odometer clicked over to 88,888 miles?  Luckily I was at a stop light.

T-304 : Too Thankful?

There are occasions in my line of work as a Desktop Support Technician where people are genuinely thankful.  Short of that there are times when people seem to just expect the help.  The worst of all to me, though, are the times when people go beyond thankful to a point of ridiculous gratitude.  What can be going through their minds?  My suspicious side says they're being extra kind so that I'll be sure to come to their aid again, and quickly, when the time comes.  What other ways could you slice it?