Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dad's Little Notes

Dad will often send us little news article clippings. They usually come with notations or separate notes, as this one did today:

"Dear Tara 'n Tony-

I thought that this article about a high school young man may be of interest to you -

Oh - some of my tulips started poking up their little leaves the other day, but I quickly grabbed my little rubber mallet and promptly pounded them back. I have no idea why they jumped up like that! Then - a few days later, they popped up again! I just threw up my arms in quiet exasperation - 'Oh, go on!' I replied. God Blee you all. Dad "D"

Do you have a kitty, yet?"

I, for one, sure enjoy Dad's little notes.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Prophet Ears

I went to the General Priesthood Session with Jacob and Erik tonight. We all really enjoyed President Monson's story about wiggling his ears. Hopefully the transcript will be posted somewhere soon so you can read it, too, if you didn't already hear it.