Friday, December 25, 2009

Early! Tara jokingly said 4:00 would be the earliest we could wake. Kids woke up at 3:30 but dutifully waited to wake us up until 4:01...!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Only 15 below in Rexburg this morning. I'm thankful the wind wasn't blowing!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Jacob sat at the sacrament table for the first time today. Tara cried.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Check out these humorous signs (no matter which side you're on) from USU v. BYU 12/2/09:

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Any Aggie Fans know how to get tix cheaper than $17 for Saturday's game?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Beautiful mix of sound and vision! (Nearer My God to Thee by Vocal Point) ( )
Craigo's Pizza is coming to Provo! (aka Pizza Pie Cafe) ( )

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Saturday, October 3, 2009

who knew it would take 45 minutes to run around the block in Burton?

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

(correction) Wed 9/9
Dinner tonight (9/10) @ 6pm @ Derricott Estates for BYU-I Buddies. Call 208.313.5324 to RSVP.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

dreamed I bought a Ford Mustang station wagon! That would make both Tara AND I happy...

Sunday, August 2, 2009

...looking for someone's floor to crash on in the SLC araea this Fri nite...will bring milk & eggs for breakfast
"There is one thing we can do, and the happiest people are those who can do it to the limit of their ability. We can be completely present"

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Friday, July 10, 2009

...reading "The Speed of Trust" and wonder if I've committed any wrongs to any of you that need to be righted. Anyone? Anyone?

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

just read, "It's possible to tell the truth, but leave the wrong impression. And that's not being honest."

Sounds like "tact". Agree?

Monday, July 6, 2009

officially sold the Montana house!
heard, "...for every thousand people hacking at the leaves of evil, there is one striking at the roots" --Thoreau

Thursday, July 2, 2009's a whole lot easier to slap a health claim on a box of sugary cereal than on a raw potato or a carrot...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

...saw "Night at the Museum 2" & "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" at the Drive-In last night in the rain!

Friday, June 19, 2009

...just ran my 2nd ever 5k (around the track this time) in 40:00. But, since I didn't have a second-hand, that's give or take 1:59, right?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

...just found out about an IT Mgr opening in Hamilton, MT. Anyone wanna know more?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

...ran my first ever 5k today (on a treadmill) in 43:00. I challenge anyone to post a SLOWER time.
...thinking of rurnning a 5k on the 4th...hoping I can finish before the awards ceremony starts (75 minutes after the starting pistol fires)

Monday, June 8, 2009

...ran 1 mile with the family tonight:
-Tony- 12:25
-Jacob- 13:41
-Erik- 15:20
-Tara- 15:24
-Emily- 19:03
Nothing to brag about...
...woke up to the sounds of snorting bison on NPR this morning. Did anyone else hear it?

Sunday, June 7, 2009

...learned from the book, "Fish!":
- Choose Your Attitude
- Play
- Make Their Day
- Be Present

Monday, June 1, 2009

...has a client looking for help with a website. Who's interested in a referral?

Monday, May 18, 2009

just heard Babe on Pandora and flashed back to 8th grade dances in the Nelson Gym.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

went to the Philo T. Farnsworth TV Museum today.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

...just smelled fresh-cut lawn and had a nice flashback to my early teens.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

...just experienced a student finding the volume controls on a Mac before I could. I'm getting old!

Saturday, April 25, 2009 at 191! Anybody know a definitive resource for ideal body weight?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Monday, April 20, 2009

...just accidentally swallowed a chocolate egg...I HATE when that happens!
...dealing with the freshness a new semester brings...

Saturday, April 18, 2009

...on a 10-mile hike with the family; working on that Hiking merit badge...

Friday, April 17, 2009

...passed the Driver's License Exam and celebrated with a breakfast burrito at Ramire's...
Waiting in line to take the Idaho Driver's License exam. Wish me luck!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

believes the Bible to be the word of God as far as it is translated correctly...

How about you?
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