Thursday, June 21, 2018

06/21 #OTDSD

OTD: On This Day
DSD: Delmar Derricott


Longest day of year. It's 10 months today that I left home...Boy!  What a wonderful day! 9 1st meetings that kept us really hustling! (Negro) Met a lot of very nice people. A lot of Catholics such as the Grants - (he - she not) he's pretty strong & didn't want to listen but we had a very long discussion & I finally got them to take the B.M. - C.B. later - "It's against what my Priest tells me!" Mrs. Cory, next door - very nice & yet didn't want a copy until she told her husband. Mrs. Benano - very nice - all these on Myrock Ave - I've changed it's name to My-gosh Ave! Mr. Hemry was just coming home - I seem quite impressed of him - he seems quite honest & sincere...he said, "I'll make it a pt. to be here next Friday." Lost his wife 2 yr. ago...was very happy we stopped...The Dunbars - were quite a rowdy family - a little unusual - but nice & were interested in spite of several disturbances. I finally got through lesson & B - CB - being as we would not take donations they we having refreshments when we go back on July 1st. Have a very nice looking daughter - one or 3.  The Johnsons this morn - very, very nice. $5.00 for B.M. & build. fund. "You forget your change this morn!" He'd been to Idaho Falls - very impressed...He's a M___ & they seemed quite interested in the B.M. C.B. Another place next to them - a young girl - mother-in-law and friend - who started giggling & it was very rude...I got a little peeved, but I doubt if it showed...65 h. this week 32 meetings! 28 1st! Our best - Went to the Harris' - took D&C - & her bapt. gown - Eternal Marriage - Finally got her to read some scriptures. She's going to be a fireball - Mr. Belden - fell while del. a package today & is in hospital - skull fracture.
First day of summer - hah!  Didn't rain & we could have gone out - but it was surely black & dreary...Got a nice letter from Sis. Longworth in Humidity Haven! Is keeping my shirt for exhibition! Sunday same "you know what?" - Sis. Jacobs wrote with Newport news. They've really got a changed organization - said they miss me.  We went to "The Sheepman" - very good!  Got back & there was a note on the car that was packed in front of the chapel. It was from Bro. Barker and he wanted to see us - so we went right over - they finally talked us into having supper there - Si. B. is a wonderful person - I had a good talk with her again...She thinks I'm a pretty good guy.  Bro. B . said in the Army he'd go to the Chaplain but here he goes to the Elders - has to work Sunday morning & didn't like it - has a few funny ideas - wants one of us to take his S.S. class Bro Betz called me for a 2 1/2 min. talk.  Watched T.V till after the late show was over! Got a 97 cent sport shirt at Newberry's - fair!

Monday, June 18, 2018

06/18 #OTDSD

OTD: On This Day
DSD: Delmar Derricott


Boy!  This heat takes everything out of you - went on luck.  Met Mrs. Newlin - from Kansas - she had a fair knowledge of coming forth of Mormonism - can't read so wouldn't take B.M. Sure a lot of people down at beach - it looks like a Carnival - all the umbrellas.  Walking in the air is stifling!  Went out Waterfowl way...on Willets. had a couple meetings.  Met one lady...she listened...don't know if she understood all...C.B. Eve though - "New London's a ghost town". Met Mr. W James Evans from Wales!  Elder Evans folks came from there too.  Went to call on the Richie family - not home - stopped at Sis. Smith's for a few min. then went to Nichols'. Spike will show us how to get out to Maguar's Sat. Watched T.V. & got home late.  Judy and Spike got in a pillow fight...I died laughing.
It's 9:00 & we just got breakfast over with - I've been reading up on the U.S.U. catalogue & guess I'll write to Eddie & Wendell - Wrote also to folks - talking about getting a sleeping bag to sleep in on the way...sounds like a pretty good idea - but maybe it would be better to get a Motel - Hotel room - & have a place to clean up.  Elder E. mapped the trip approx. 2511 mi to Sugar City - going through the North. Route - Dakota badlands & Yellowstone Pk. about 4 1/2 days. We took the books to the Vet. Library this aft. & went riding - ended up clear down in Apponoug!  Got nice letter from Sis. Bender - she went down to Penn. for an interview - hopes she gets something. We haven't done a thing today - I feel a lot better though.  Went to a show - home late again - stopped & got a or. of pants - Broadway Raill

Thursday, June 14, 2018

06/14 #OTDSD

OTD: On This Day
DSD: Delmar Derricott


Elder E. sick again...didn't do much I can think of...met a Mrs. Langdon who couldn't have us come in she was all upset in the house - had a nice long meeting with her - she invited us back to meet her sis next week...very nice...Things are going pretty slo - not much work at all!


It's a lovely, clear morning - & not humid - a gentle breeze blowing & would be wonderful cont. weather - but he's still in bed - it's 9:15!  I got a note from Elder Hall - he's up in Canada, I guess - said that it was needless that we were together again! (Elder E. & J.) I wrote to calm his worry.  I did a lot of typing - no word from Falk's this my Era - it came to Paradise, R.I!  Mrs. Dodge came in with some bananas & I made a cake out of last ones she brought...then took her about 1/4 of it - later she slipped in with some Vermont maple syrup & rice pudding...a gave Elder E. a huge runny steak!  Biggest I've ever seen!  She's so nice to us...I overheard her talking to herself - about she'd like to die - but then she wouldn't - I feel sorry for people like that who have to amuse themselves by talking to themselves.  Went to another show - again!  Got some lib. books for the Vet. Hospt. & was reading a sermon out of "Mess. of Inspiration" - BE YE CLEAN - which certainly was a good one - I'm entering Pillsbury's recipe contest!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

T-09 : PhilosoComediCartoonish Truths

There's a TaxAct commercial running on some of the podcasts I listen to currently that included the phrase, "...recite the wisdom of philosophers, late-night comedians, and cartoon characters at just the right moment...".  I think that describes who I aspire to be.  I believe that all truth is circumscribed in one whole.  I believe that philosophers, comedic writers, and cartoonists all have access to such truth.  I believe that we can ascertain these truths from philosophic, comedic, and/or cartoonish angles.  Last Sunday in Sacrament Meeting I bore testimony to the fact that, not only could we seek out of the best books words of wisdom - as prescribed in D&C 88:118 - but that we could seek this type of wisdom from other sources, too.  I believe that philosophy, comedy, and cartoons are just 3 more examples of types of places we can look for some of those little nuggets.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

T-10 : Television Midstreaming

It seems like one of the hot buzzwords these days is "streaming", especially as it relates to video.  I realized tonight as I stumbled across a documentary about One World Trade Center on PBS that I am also a fan of what I'll call "midstreaming", or finding an interesting show after it's already started and watching it through to the end while trying to put the pieces together as to what you might have missed in the opening portion.  Don't get me wrong.  I'm not such an old dog that I don't also enjoy "rewinding" YouTube videos or NetFlix shows to catch what I missed.  There's something a bit nostalgic about the way it used to be, though, when we didn't have that luxury.  I like to think I'm at a point in my life where I can enjoy the ways of the past and the future.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

T-11 : Condescension Conundrum

Today's devotional referenced the condescension of God as referenced in 1 Nephi 11.  It's a beautiful concept now that I'm beginning to understand it more.  In this context it's not the negative connotation that one tends to think of when referencing a dictionary:

Definition of condescension (n)

Bing Dictionary
  • con·de·scen·sion
  • [ kòndə sénshən ]
  1. snobby and pretentiously kind manner: behavior that implies that somebody is graciously lowering himself or herself to the level of people less important or intelligent
...but rather the following meaning, in this case gleaned from
Condescension the act of descending to a lower and less dignified state; of waiving the privileges of one’s rank and status; of bestowing honors and favors upon one of lesser stature or status. Thecondescension of God is the descent of Christ below all things. He came to earth to dwell as a man, and suffered more than any man who has ever lived in order to redeem the children of God, that they might inherit His kingdom.
 What do you think?

Monday, February 3, 2014

T-12 : Giving Taker

“Blessed are those who can give without remembering and take without forgetting.” – Elizabeth Bibesco
Are you a giving taker?  I want to be.  I'll help you if you help me.  Seems like a good balance to seek for, doesn't it?