Saturday, February 8, 2014

T-09 : PhilosoComediCartoonish Truths

There's a TaxAct commercial running on some of the podcasts I listen to currently that included the phrase, "...recite the wisdom of philosophers, late-night comedians, and cartoon characters at just the right moment...".  I think that describes who I aspire to be.  I believe that all truth is circumscribed in one whole.  I believe that philosophers, comedic writers, and cartoonists all have access to such truth.  I believe that we can ascertain these truths from philosophic, comedic, and/or cartoonish angles.  Last Sunday in Sacrament Meeting I bore testimony to the fact that, not only could we seek out of the best books words of wisdom - as prescribed in D&C 88:118 - but that we could seek this type of wisdom from other sources, too.  I believe that philosophy, comedy, and cartoons are just 3 more examples of types of places we can look for some of those little nuggets.
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