Tuesday, February 4, 2014

T-11 : Condescension Conundrum

Today's devotional referenced the condescension of God as referenced in 1 Nephi 11.  It's a beautiful concept now that I'm beginning to understand it more.  In this context it's not the negative connotation that one tends to think of when referencing a dictionary:

Definition of condescension (n)

Bing Dictionary
  • con·de·scen·sion
  • [ kòndə sénshən ]
  1. snobby and pretentiously kind manner: behavior that implies that somebody is graciously lowering himself or herself to the level of people less important or intelligent
...but rather the following meaning, in this case gleaned from MormonWiki.com:
Condescension the act of descending to a lower and less dignified state; of waiving the privileges of one’s rank and status; of bestowing honors and favors upon one of lesser stature or status. Thecondescension of God is the descent of Christ below all things. He came to earth to dwell as a man, and suffered more than any man who has ever lived in order to redeem the children of God, that they might inherit His kingdom.
 What do you think?
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