Thursday, June 28, 2018

06/28 #OTDSD

OTD: On This Day

DSD: Delmar Derricott


Went downtown & went to "Johnny Tremain" (Walt Disney).  Had a nice long meeting with Mr. Henry & his friend Mrs. Reynolds & her son Robert...very nice people - I gave a G.H.  He wanted to give us more money...couldn't see why a bit - & couldn't believe it - a very nice fellow...Got a C.B. for an Apost. The Johnsons were nice - but he talked up a storm after getting up - so we didn't leave a lesson.
It's 9:30...he's on the bed slowly making out the report.  I'm all ready & have been for over an hour - even though we got up late - we finally got to bed - he goes to bathroom for so long & I told him I was tired - then he made a sandwich and ate that before prayers - I'm able to have a lot more patience than I'm used to - thanks to Elder Hall - yesterday I got a nice note from Mrs. Sims - that they were sorry they couldn't make it to Conf - have visitors ~ He sure wasted time again this morn! I just don't understand it! I got a nice note from Wendell - he said he really liked U.S.U. & that he lived with John Morgan. I wrote for their address...I'd like that I think. He suggested writing to Ross Menion & so I did...asking a few questions. Got a nice letter from "Bonnie" (Mrs. Belden) said the more she reads the B.M. the more she can see the truth & the Lords teaching in it...said they'd always have a "warm spot in their hearts" for me. Nice! Finally got a letter from folks - Mother - pretty busy I guess - sent some money to buy sleeping bag - thought it a good idea - now I sort of wish we'd do it - but...??  I wrote to Mr. Belden - nice long letter - to folks - they are again trying to get my drivers license. It's clouded up - I finally said - "we'd better go out - hadn't we?" He said "yuh" & finally got up from cutting out the Era & said he'd have to have a sandwich - then asked if I wanted anything. It's now 1:30 & he's just putting the soup in the bowls. I imagine he'll stall a little longer to. Just barely had enough money to pay the rent. Had to take some out of the kitty. Decided that on it looked like rain - we'd go & get the car washed. Did - then helped Bro. Getz wash his - helped Sis. B. get dinner ready and lunch for tomorrow - "I'd like you for a brother!" Sharon said "Because your nice to have around!" It about floored me!! Had a lot of fun - a nice cool supper - ate too much - all of us. Watched T.V. then came home early - took shower and got ready for the trip tomorrow.
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