Sunday, May 22, 2011

T-301 : Early Flushers

Automatic flushers are wonderful things, when they work.  There are 2 notable ones in my current life that always prematurely flow as I approach.  I'm sure their leakage is due in no part to my presence but yet any presence.  I can neither confirm nor deny that since I am generally in the restroom by myself.  Regardless, I've learned to avoid them. I don't like approaching falling water.  There was even one at the Olive Garden in Idaho Falls the other night -- a sitter -- that continued to flush umpteen times WHILE I WAS SITTING ON IT!  I thought it might be my motion so I tried to keep very still.  Nothing helped.  For a while I wondered if it might be a bidet.  That's a French word, though.  I guessed they wouldn't have one of those in an Italian restaurant.  I suppose flushing early and often, though, is better than the alternative of not flushing at all.  What do you think?
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