Sunday, February 13, 2011

T-345 : Tongue Watching

18 Common Phrases to Avoid in Conversation | Real Simple

I'm guilty of saying many things before I think.  Therefore I post these as reminders.  I'll probably need to refer back to them often as I learn tact and diplomacy.

Some of my favorites:
  1. Don’t say: “You look tired.”  Instead say: “Is everything OK?” 
  2. Don’t say: “Wow, you’ve lost a ton of weight!”
    Instead say: “You look fantastic.” 
  3. Don’t say: “You look good for your age.”
    Instead say: “You look great.” 
  4. Don’t say: “That’s not my job.”  Instead say: “I’m not sure that should be my priority right now.”
  5. Don’t say: “This might sound stupid, but…”  Instead say: What’s on your mind. 
  6. Don’t say: “Are you pregnant?” Instead say: “Hello” or “Great to see you” or “You look great.” 
  7. Don’t say: “You always” or “You never” or “You’re a [slob, jerk]” or “You’re wrong.” Instead say: “I’m upset that you left the dishes in the sink again. What can we do so that this stops happening?”
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