Wednesday, February 2, 2011

T-356 : More Words

I mentioned before that I like learning, books, and words.  I briefly considered majoring in linguistics in college.  Here are some evidences:

  1. Scrabble - I really like playing online Scrabble.  The best place to play online is at Facebook.  Are you a Scrabbler?  Wanna go?
  2. Mispronouncers - I get a kick -- sometimes it actually bothers me -- out of hearing people pronounce words incorrectly.  Some examples are: counsole, expecially, farmiliar, foryer, jaguire, nucular, pronunciate, reoccurring, realator.  Are you guilty of any?  Am I wrong?  I see that all the words are underlined in red squigglies but for "reoccurring".  Maybe I missed one.
  3. Google Reader - I enjoy news.  Google Reader is my news aggregator of choice.  You should try it!
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