Wednesday, February 9, 2011

T-349 : Cold Balance

Balance, Grasshopper.

I was thinking about balance the other day.  So many people seem to talk about the weather.  I suppose that's OK as friendly banter.  I don't like it when people complain about it being "too" anything.  I enjoy the cold and the snow at this time of year because I know the cycles balance out and I want water in the streams in August!

I thought of this further when I was bowling.  I've joined an employee league just this year.  I'm the worst guy in the league but I'm working my way up.  Bowling is all about averages.  You can't focus too much on one ball, one frame, one game, one day.  Granted, a proper amount of focus on each is necessary.  Proper is the key term, though.  If you are upset about a ball your next ball may not be as good.  Likewise with a frame, game, day, etc.
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