Thursday, September 20, 2012

T-162 : Malicious Compliance

In Sunday School the other day someone equated blind obedience with a term I wasn't familiar with, "Malicious Compliance".  Apparently it's corporate lingo for following too strictly.  In fact, after doing more study it seems it's the point of following strictly when you're certain that the result will be bad for someone else.  So, that's not good.  I guess it means that we ought to be obedient to our superiors until we can gain a conviction for why the rules exist in the first place.  Once we're convicted, we need to know when compliance will be harmful and when it's better not to obey.  One example I can think of is the speed limit.  I understand that there is a time when it's against the law to go the posted speed limit if all the cars around you are going faster or slower than said posted speed because you'd become a hindrance to traffic.  Can anyone back me up on that or am I dreaming?
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