Wednesday, September 19, 2012

T-164 : Trash Picker

There's a famous scripture in James 5:20 that seems to tell us we can compensate for some of our wrongs by helping others right their wrongs.  I don't know that I'm very good at being tactfully direct about that but I like to think that little things that I do -- such as picking up trash as I'm walking -- help to cover up some of my other sins.  It's not that I'm going to quit trying to get better in areas that I struggle.  It's just that I'm pretty good at picking up a gum wrapper here and there.  I don't do it to be seen but maybe if somebody sees me doing it and chooses to pay it forward by doing something themselves I'll have achieved a bit of James 5:20 in my life.  Maybe some of my other sins will be covered up.  Maybe over time I'll progressively become a better person.
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