Tuesday, September 25, 2012

T-153 : Gauge Anxiety

As the gas gauge in my car approaches E my anxiety increases.  At some point the light even comes on to send an extra shock to my system that things are getting serious.  Years ago on a trip I ignored the light thinking that the next gas station would be cheaper.  In my quest to save a few pennies I ended up losing a day and a half of travel time and $1000 repair bill.

When I hurt my toe this year I postponed going to the doctor for weeks.  When I finally went, the dislocated toe couldn't be relocated without surgery.  The bills are finally rolling in and it looks like that's about a $2500 decision (or lack thereof).

It's tough to be patient and responsible at the same time.  I'm confident, though, that God teaches us lessons in whatever way we can best learn them.  Sometimes we pick up on on it and sometimes it takes expensive experiences to embed the memory of the mistake into our psyche to the point that we're forced to remember not to make the same mistake in the future.

Regardless, I still get that uneasy feeling that grows as the needle goes from F to E.  It's healthy.  The key is to just go ahead and fill it up at half a tank, go to the doctor a little quicker, and rest easy.
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