Sunday, September 16, 2012

T-169 : Keratin Taratrim

Today I got a haircut by my resident barber.  I also trimmed my nails.  Now, normally I wouldn't mention something so common and borderline odd.  I had a vague recollection, though, that hair and nails were made of the same material.  As I went googling around the Internets I soon remembered that the substance is called "keratin".  So, I suppose it could be said that I had my Tara kin trim my keratin before I used some other tin to trim my toe keratin.  Part of the reason I got excited is that I'm scheduled to get the extra tin hook removed from my toe on Monday.  I can't wait to start running and bending again.  Then, as I was looking for an accompanying photo for this post I ran across something called a keratin horn.  If my telling you I trimmed my nails doesn't make you a bit queasy then I dare you to google "keratin horn" then look through some of the images.  I leave you this one as an example of how bad it could be.  I certainly feel blessed to only be hampered by a temporary pin and the occasional need to trim some nails or take a pumice stone to a rough patch on my heel or big toe.  Eww!
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