Saturday, September 22, 2012

T-158 : Island Park

This morning the boys and I went to Island Park to join the other fathers and sons in our ward on the camp-out/canoe trip.  We didn't go up last night partly because of the Tabernacle Choir concert we attended.  The other part of it is that we don't really enjoy camping.  We've always attended the camp-outs in the past, probably mostly out of duty.  I do enjoy the campfire camaraderie and likely missed out on some of that last night, though I did participate in some of that this morning as we arrived shortly before breakfast.  After eating pancakes, eggs, and bacon from a bowl -- because someone didn't bring enough plates -- we headed out on the river.  It's a shallow stretch that had us touching bottom on more than one occasion.  Maybe I should have stopped at 2 pancakes.  Anyway, if you ever get a chance, come on down to Rexburg and we'll take you out for a nice float.

By the way, if you're wondering how Island Park got its name check out:
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