Tuesday, September 11, 2012

T-176 : Transtheoretical Model

In the most recent Time magazine there's an article by Dr. Oz that refers to something called the "Transtheoretical Model".  I'm not sure I ever heard of it before but I really like it.  Some people also simply called it "The Process of Change".  Here's the basic premise:

  1. Precontemplation
    You're not even thinking about change.  In some cases, you don't know a problem exists.
  2. Contemplation
    This is when you've begun considering the pros and cons of changing but you've made no decision.
  3. Preparation
    Change could be imminent.  You begin taking proactive steps like telling family and friends.
  4. Action
    A behavior has been changed -- which can be thrilling at first but requires commitment to continue.
  5. Maintenance
    The new behavior has been practiced for six months.  Slips are still a risk.
In all the pictures I previewed online to accompany this post I really like the ones that referred to this concept as an upward spiral.  That's the way I feel about life.  We should be constantly changing for good.  Thanks, Dr. Oz, for helping me put words to my thoughts; even if they're big six-cylinder words!  Do you feel transtheoretical?
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