Wednesday, September 12, 2012

T-175 : Viewer Discretion

Don't worry.  There's nothing in this post that needs to be censored.  I'm reading the Dan Brown book "Angels & Demons" right now.  To be more precise, I'm listening to it in my car as I drive back and forth to work.  I can usually get 10 good quality minutes in my 5.5-mile daily commute.  Anyway, there's a part in the book today that they talk about a news report coming on the television preceded by a warning that some material in the next story might not be appropriate for all members of the family and that viewer discretion is advised.  They go on to pontificate that most people don't turn off the TV or even change the channel at that point.  Most people will take this as an invitation to watch and find out what could be so gruesome.  In fact, the author puts the blame on the television station for using this as a marketing tactic.  I tend to agree.  I admit, though, that I've always sided toward the "intrigued" side as I see those warnings as opposed to the "be careful" side.  How about you?  Are you a watcher of said thing or a switcher to the other channel?
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