Tuesday, September 4, 2012

T-191 : Imaginary Friends

I never had imaginary friends as a child...that I can recall, anyway.  This comic highlights the generational gap between a parent and a child.  It also brings to light, though, how many of us have online acquaintances -- be it through Facebook, Email, or other sources -- that we react differently around when we meet them face to face.  Certainly there is a different skill-set required to converse with someone verbally -- not to mention all the non-verbal cues and social anxieties that might come into play.  My feeling, though, is that we ought to as much as possible treat our online and offline friends equally.  I suppose ideally they ought to be near the same set of friends, though miles sometimes dictate that we can't take some of our friends out to lunch as much as we might like to.  By the way, whose turn is it to take me out to lunch?
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