Monday, August 6, 2012

T-233 : Tony Toe

In case you hadn't heard, I hurt my toe a couple of weeks ago playing lunchtime soccer on campus.  I hoped beyond hope that it was a sprain that would eventually heal.  I finally went to the doctor on Friday.  He tried his darndest to wrench the dislocation back in place but -- even after 3 shots of numbing agent through different spots in the toe -- it wouldn't give.  So, I get to pay extra for the experience of being cut open.

I got a special hospital bracelet today.  I had some pre-op blood work done prior to my planned toe surgery on Wednesday.  I can only let words like "pre-op blood work" roll off my tongue because of all the hospital drama shows I watched growing up as a kid.  It'll be my first surgery.  Wish me luck!
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