Tuesday, August 14, 2012

T-227 : Free Surgery!

I went back to the doctor today for the first time since my surgery last Wednesday to see how the toe was healing.  After x-rays he said he didn't see any change at all.  In other words, the surgery failed.  I'm going in the morning to have a pin inserted lower into the bone than the attempted pin from last week.  He abandoned the attempt hoping that the bone would just stay in place on its own.  Since it didn't, he's going to resort to inserting it in a lower place in the bone that will damage more cartilage but it's the best remaining option.  If this doesn't take, fusing the end 2 bones in the "great toe" is the next best option.  I'm optimistic. The good news is that the doctor was disappointed enough that it didn't work that he actually said he failed me and that he wouldn't charge me for either the first or the second surgery!  Every toe has a silver lining...or something like that.  Wish me luck!
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