Thursday, August 30, 2012

T-199 : Special Lingo

I've been thinking a lot lately about unique language.  I realized that the terminology that I grew up with in church and some that I use in my everyday working environment in IT must seem foreign to some.

As I poked around the Internets I found a good glossary at in case you're not familiar with our funky tongue.  Mitt Romney kept it pretty generic tonight in the few references he made to his faith.  I'm also in the middle of Dan Brown's Angels & Demons, which has some terms that I have to try to understand based on context.

At work there are about 70 people in IT.  At a general level we can all converse.  Each of us manages different products and services, though, each with their own terminologies.

With all the opportunities to miscommunicate that's exactly what I feel we have to guard against.  Be patient. Understand.  And communicate with hopes of being understood.  Understand?
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