Sunday, August 19, 2012

T-217 : Parental Guidance

The first paragraph in our Priesthood lesson today has stuck with me, one phrase in particular (highlighted):
"As a child, George Albert Smith learned the importance of honoring the Sabbath day. Often on Sundays a group of neighborhood boys would come to his house after Sunday School to invite him to play ball. “I was like the boys,” he said. “I thought it would be lots of fun to play ball and to play other games. But I had a wonderful mother. She did not say, ‘You cannot do it,’ but she did say: ‘Son, you will be happier if you do not do that. …’ I want to tell you I am grateful for that kind of training in the home.”1 The impact of his mother’s teachings can be seen in President Smith’s frequently reminding the Saints that keeping the Sabbath day holy brings great blessings."
That's motherly wisdom right there.  I feel like that's something I can get better at as a parent; explaining the consequences then letting them choose.
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