Wednesday, August 15, 2012

T-224 : Snollygoster Slangers

I watched a TED talk today about the term "snollygoster", which is a politician who lies, if I caught the gist.  I might need an attitude adjustment and/or education from someone who knows better than I but I think of the terms "politician" and "liar" as often synonymous.  Help me understand better if you can.

Anyway, later today I read this article from Mental Floss - one of my favorite websites - with 19 other words and phrases not normally heard.  I'll add my 2 cents to the article by using each word/phrase in a sentence.  You can either laugh, argue, or sit idly by:

  1. In the ketchup: Operating at a deficit
    Sometimes I fear that our budget is in the ketchup.  I'm glad that Tara keeps track of these things for us.
  2. John Hollowlegs: A hungry man [hobo use]
    There's not many times during the day that I'm not John Hollowlegs.  Luckily I've learned the value of eating the right things and exercising.  I'm still working on losing those last 10-20 pounds but at least I'm not 50 pounds overweight anymore.
  3. Lobbygow: One who loafs around an opium den in hopes of being offered a free pipe
    I suppose times are different now since I think it's generally agreed that opium dens are harmful to long-term health but I wonder if I'd have had the tendency to be a lobbygow if I'd been born back in the day.
  4. Happy cabbage: A sizable amount of money to be spent on self-satisfying things
    Who wouldn't want happy cabbage?
  5. Zib: A nondescript nincompoop
    Do you think I'm a zib?
  6. Give someone the wind: To jilt a suitor with great suddenness
    I don't think I've ever given someone the wind.  Unless I'm mistaken it's a female thing.
  7. The zings: A hangover
    I've never had alcohol -- unless that rum ball I ate by accident at a Signal Mountain Lodge party counts -- so I've never had the zings.  Could one possibly get the zings from something besides drugs or alcohol; like sugar, or even an overabundance of any substance?
  8. Butter and egg man: A wealthy, unsophisticated, small-town businessman who tries to become a playboy, especially when visiting a large city
    I like to think I've never been a butter and egg man.
  9. Cluck and grunt: Eggs and ham
    I do like green cluck and grunt!
  10. Off the cob: Corny
    My sense of humor could often likely be described as off the cob.
  11. Dog robber: A baseball umpire
    Dog robbers don't get much respect but I'd hate to see the day when we abolish them totally in favor of technology.
  12. Happies: Arch supporters [shoe salesman use]
    My fallen arches react better when I have happies in my shoes.
  13. High-wine: A mixture of grain alcohol and Coca-Cola [hobo use]
    I've always been taught to avoid high-wine.
  14. Flub the dub: To evade one's duty
    It's taken me a long time to learn not to flub the dub.  I still sometimes resort to the behavior but feel like I've learned a great deal about doing my part over the years.
  15. Donkey's breakfast: A straw mattress
    I'm thankful I don't have to sleep on donkey's breakfast.
  16. George Eddy: A customer who does not tip
    I'm rarely a George Eddy but I do shave percentage points if I don't sense a concerted effort by my waitperson.
  17. Wet sock: A limp, flaccid handshake
    When someone gives me a wet sock I do my best to encourage them to try again.
  18. Gazoozle: To cheat
    I'm confident neither Tara nor I will ever gazoozle on each other.
  19. On a toot: On a drunken spree
    Again, aside from alcohol, could one conceivably go on a toot from another substance?
I can't wait to hear from you.
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