Sunday, August 12, 2012

T-229 : Reunion Aftermath

We just spent a long weekend in Montana at a family reunion with about 75 of Tara's relatives from her dad's side.  I knew most of them from past reunions and events.  There was some talk of sharing pictures and videos in Dropbox.  I'm up for it but need a little momentum from other folks.  I've got some of the videos I took -- including Jacob's Talent-Show Winning Snowman Song, Tara's Rindercella, and some fireside memories uploaded on my YouTube channel at  It got me thinking about reunions on my side.  When is it time to switch from the Grandma/Grandpa generation to the Mom/Dad generation?  I don't think there's any one answer that will fit all.  Anyone out there in the Sharon/George-Elsie or the Delmar/Wayne-Grace camp care to comment?
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