Sunday, October 14, 2012

T-123 : Up Down

Each night around 9:00 p.m. we gather around the upstairs family room computer for what's become known as "night stuff".  We usually watch short video clips or look at pictures gleaned from the likes of Mental Floss, Laughing Squid, and others.  Some time ago we were turned on to the PBS series "Sherlock".  In the process of watching a few episodes I also signed up for the PBS Masterpiece electronic newsletter.  While we're waiting for a new season of Sherlock to start the newsletter came the other night and a show called "Upstairs Downstairs" caught my eye.  We watched the first 3 episodes (all of season 1) in 2 nights on the upstairs computer then watched an episode from season 2 on the downstairs TV tonight.  So we watched "Upstairs Downstairs" upstairs and downstairs this weekend.  It's quite a bit like "Downton Abbey".  We watched a few episodes of that before 2 guys started kissing; which turned us off.  Anyway, for the most part I guess we kind of like them British folk; at least the ones who produce television shows for us.
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