Wednesday, October 24, 2012

T-100 : Relative Misery

The Flying McCoysThis post is not about my in-laws.  It's about pain points and perspective.  My department at work is going through a reorganization.  I've been uptight about it for months.  As it's finally coming to completion and I'm near to finding out my new job description we ended up talking about it at dinner last night.  I realized that most of my immediate family has no idea what I really do at work all day, anyway.  They basically just know that I'm a computer guy.  In the end, that's all the really matters.  What role I play in IT is of second importance to the fact that I actually get to be an IT guy; a job that I really enjoy.  Thanks for the perspective, kids.  I thought I was hanging on the wall but I realize that I'm glad just to still be alive and kicking.
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