Tuesday, January 1, 2013

T-56 : Cone Obedience

The other day I had to leave my office to rush up to the temple to look for Jacob's watch; which he thought he'd left in a locker. I was in a bit of a hurry.  It was cold and I was anxious about leaving the office during the day.  As I approached the back stairs I saw the orange cones blocking the nearer stairwell.  My first thought was that they were merely cautionary and that I'd just sneak through them and be careful.  As I looked to the top of the stairwell I realized that the gate was actually closed ahead.  If I had continued ascending I'd only have had to again descend to get to the further stairwell; which was still open.  It made me realize that often the "cones" in life aren't put there to inconvenience us but to guide us away from situation which would certainly hamper our efforts to grow and achieve.  I'll be more aware and thankful for said "cones" in the future.
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