Tuesday, January 8, 2013

T-42 : Spinny Spirit

I remember riding bicycles a lot as a child.  In order to ride so much there was a certain amount of maintenance involved.  Oiling and reattaching the chain was probably the dirtiest and least favorite chore.  One that always mesmerized me, though, was spinning the tire when I'd flipped the bike upside down in order to fix a flat.  There's something about watching that wheel spin; especially after you've repaired the flat and are checking for balance.

I was thinking about spinning the tire today during devotional.  It's like each devotional is another hand grabbing the rubber and giving it another push.  The more devotionals, spiritual thoughts, prayers, etc. that we partake in the faster and longer our wheel can spin.  Moreover, when we've got a good spin going it's that much harder to bring us to a stop.

Spin on, my friends.
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