Thursday, January 17, 2013

T-36 : Screeching Wheelchair

Today on campus a motorized scooter / wheelchair zoomed past me at what seemed like faster than "walking speed".  I grinned when I saw him fishtailing, seemingly on purpose, in the snowy crosswalk.  Then I almost laughed out loud when I saw him hit the brakes and actually screech his tires to a stop when a car passed in front of him in the parking lot.  In fairness, I think it would have been his fault!  Anyway, we all have handicaps.  I can't say for sure what was going through this guy's head or whether my perception of his speed, spins, or stops was consistent with the truth.  I can say, though, that we should all be certain not to take advantage of other people giving us the benefit of the doubt with any disability.
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