Monday, January 7, 2013

T-44 : Magic Focus

I was watching the NFL Playoffs after church on Sunday.  I was at a different angle because we've just sold our old sectional couch in preparation for a new leather set that's due to be delivered.  So I was on a chair in a different part of the room.  I realized that there's a glare from that angle that comes from the kitchen sliding doors that don't have curtains or blinds.  So, I had to deal with it.  I was able to change my focus away from the glares on part of the screen to more of the whole screen. It felt kind of like looking at a Magic Eye picture.  Perhaps that's how we I'll approach life more often.  When I get focused to much on the glare I'll just step back and try to see the big picture; especially if I can't find any curtains!
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