Sunday, January 27, 2013

T-32 : Seasonal Complaints

There's a lot of weather out there today!  I understand the Salt Lake airport has already received 8 inches of snow; which is 3 more than the previous one-day total set back in 1980.  We haven't had quite that much up here sans lake effect.  We have had enough, though, that it seems like a quick return to Winter; especially after we had a couple of days of above-freezing weather and were starting to see some meltage.  At any rate, I enjoy the variety.  I enjoy the seasons.  I like to say that my ideal year would be 3 months of each season.  In truth, though, I probably wouldn't enjoy that level of exactness.  It's just the spontaneity of each storm or dry spell that keeps things interesting.  What I really don't enjoy -- though I usually get a kick out of -- is how folks will complain that the weather is too ___________.  I want to help them realize that it's in the complaining that it becomes worse.  Weather is like lemons.  Let's make lemonade every day out of whatever comes our way!
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