Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday Stuff

This is what I look at nearly the first thing every morning.  It's the view from my bathroom window.  It's kind of like my morning weather report.  I can usually tell by whether there's frost or snow or rain on the shingles what type of coat to wear and whether I need to send the boys out to shovel the driveway.  This morning I even caught a partial moon and a jet trail.

Just as sacrament meeting was about to start this morning our Elders Quorum President came up to me and asked me if I'd accompany him to Teton House to help with the sacrament up there.  I willingly obliged.  It's an assisted living center.  I was surprised that only a few people showed up for the meeting.  It was a nice experience, regardless.  Since today was Fast Sunday there were no assigned speakers; only those who wished could speak up one at a time and share their convictions of the Gospel.  In a couple of weeks it's our ward's Elders Quorum's turn to help out here for Sacrament Meeting again.  This time there will be regularly-scheduled speakers; myself and another Elder.  I was looking through the Ensign this afternoon to find a good article to share some thoughts on.  Erik, Jacob, and I may even sing a little trio.  It's a small audience so it shouldn't be too daunting.

I was remembering while singing today at church that there used to be a few hymnals in the 1st/5th Ward chapel that had little notes in them saying "turn to page xx".  Then when you'd get there it would say "turn to yy", etc.  It was always fun for a kid of my age to get one of those and be entertained for a few minutes.  I'm not sure why I thought of that today.  But I'm not sure I ever shared it.  So, there's one more piece of my past that makes me what I am today.

One thing that stuck with me today that was spoken by President Johnson, a visiting member of our Stake Presidency, was, "Some people spend so much time being good Mormons that they forget to be good Christians".  Take it for what it's worth to you.  I find a lot of wisdom in it.

Tonight we went out to Seth Anderson's place in St. Anthony for dinner.  Shawn was visiting, too.  We had a good time reminiscing and catching up on common friends and acquaintances.
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