Monday, March 1, 2010

Post 100

I tried to do the 750 Words tonight. The site would not load. I guess it's likely a victim of its popularity since being mentioned on "Lifehacker". Perhaps I'll try again tomorrow. At any rate, tonight is my 100th post since starting this blog years ago. By some measures 100 posts in many years is a turtle's pace. By others, though, it's a mighty accomplishment.

Today was a pretty slow day at work. I had quite a bit of time to continue studying for the MCDST in addition to putting together my class materials for Excel 201 which starts Wednesday. I'm also planning on heading to SLC to do some Apple Training as soon as the UofU schedules it. I think it should happen in May or June. I want to have the MCDST test taken by then. In addition to the next 4 Wednesdays teaching Excel 201 I'll also be taking another Digital Photography course on 3 upcoming Thursdays. I can't remember if that starts this week or next. I also have to put together plans for teaching next semester amid planning to go to Hawaii. We're kind of pensive on our Hawaii plans because the condo exchange pickings are scant as of yet. We'd hoped to go 6/7-17. I think we'll just plan no classed in June and hope that a block of a week at the condo either preceded or followed by 3 days at Bryan & Linda's evidences itself. Then we hope that matches up favorably with flight costs, too. Less worry, more fun; enjoy the ride, right? Help me remember to enjoy the ride.
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