Saturday, March 20, 2010

LibrAnger Danger

While I was sitting in the library today my phone rang.  I answered it and it was the library.  They told me that I book that I'd returned was damaged and that I would have to pay for it.  I was a bit angry.  I could only imagine that it had been damaged in the book drop.  When I plead my case the librarian on duty said, "How about if I split the $22.95 with you?"  I said, "How about if I never come back?"  In fact she only charged me $11.  I was still angry.  I apologized to her later.  I'm also going to write a note to her to further atone for my tone, my tossing of the money on the desk, etc.  Beware of LibrAnger!  It got me today.  It can get you, too!
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