Monday, March 22, 2010

Line Tweener

In my driving recently I've been making an extra effort to stay between the lines.  My ol' pal used to tell me to "keep 'er between the buoys".  It's good advice for drivers and boaters alike.  Further, I think it can be extrapolated to other areas of life.  Civil laws and religious commandments are "lines" or "buoys".  By doing our best to keep a balance of neither too close nor too far away from said lines or buoys we can live a nice life of moderation.

I don't know how you can factor the road kill into this analogy.  But I'd like to hear you try.  Sound off in the comments.

By the way, if you live near a Ben & Jerry's or a Starbucks click the links to get free food on 3/23/10.  I live near neither so I can only enjoy vicariously through you.  Let me know how it/they taste(s).
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