Thursday, November 29, 2012

T-66 : Dough Nuts?

In the 6th Grade Spelling Bee I was one of the last 3 contestants.  My word was "dnt".  I started off with a "D" followed by a confident "O".  Then I paused.  I pondered whether to go with the "U" "G" "H" or to head right for the "N" "U" "T".  A vision popped into my head of the "DONUT" shop in Idaho Falls and I was convinced.  The second vision I had of a tub of "DOUGH" having anything to do with the tasty morsel paled in comparison.  With all the confidence I could muster I finished off with the "N" "U" "T" and was promptly met with a frown from the judge and politely asked to sit down.  The next part of the story is a bit hazy in my memory but I seem to recall sitting in the audience watching Jeff and Kenneth battle over numerous words that neither of them could spell until one of them finally got one.  Further, I imagine that I could have spelled at least one of those that they'd missed if only I wasn't dismissed for missing the "UGH".  Perhaps this disappointing tale has shaped my life for the better after all.  I like to think so.  I was probably bitter for years, though.  Don't let this happen to you.  Focus on enjoying the "small usually ring-shaped cake fried in fat" rather than persnicketing over some silly letters in a contest.
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