Thursday, November 8, 2012

T-82 : Phony Privy

I don't want to gross anybody out but I need to share my thoughts about cell phones and toilets.  I admit that I usually carry mine in when it's time to take a seat.  In fact, I always carry it in my shirt pocket.  So it would be difficult to go potty without it.  Whilst sitting, I also admit that I take it out and read emails, news, weather, sports, etc.  I can't seem to sit and just let things flow without something to distract me.  A cell phone is more-readily available than a crossword puzzle book, you know.  There are cautions.

It's possible to drop the electronic device in the drink.  I've never done that but I did have an iPod fall out of my shirt pocket into the sink while I was rinsing my toothbrush.  That didn't end well.  I learned about putting it in a bag of rice for a few days to suck out the moisture before trying to turn it on after I'd already made the mistake of pressing the power button to see if it still worked.  Because of that experience, I'm all the more careful to lean away from the bowl when tidying up after doing my business.

Another problem within a problem is that cell phones supposedly carry 10 times more bacteria than is on a toilet seat.  So, if you have your cell phone with you while you're on the toilet seat does that math change at all?

Stay clean and stay dry out there, y'all.
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