Sunday, August 7, 2011

T-274 : Shed Resistance

We're putting the finishing touches on a shed kit that we bought at Home Depot a few weeks ago.  I imagine someone with more skills and tools would have had it done in a day with raw lumber and parts from the local hardware store.  We've put in hundreds of man-hours and spent probably half again the cost of the shed in additional parts and tools to make it work.  Even at that, though, Tara remarked yesterday that it's still half the cost of a Buly Barn.  Plus, we got the experience!

While the shed has been resistant to our pleas to make it straight and true we had to laugh when we made one more trip to the hardware store the other day to pick up paint and rollers.  There were probably 10-20 different types of rollers we could have purchased.  In the end we got the cheapest but the humor was not lost on us when we read than many of them were "shed-resistant".  We certainly didn't want that!  We wanted a roller that would apply our paint and a shed that would not resist it's ability to stick to it.  We'll see how the ol' girl stands up to the test of the Rexburg wind, winter, and time.
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