Wednesday, August 10, 2011

T-262 : Inadvertent Cliques

I realized today that people gravitate toward people that are similar to them because it makes them feel more comfortable.  I usually feel on the outside looking in.  Maybe it's because I'm too sensitive or that I don't make enough effort to socialize.  In fact, I'm certain that's part of it.  However, I do think that people inadvertently leave other people out.  One place I really notice this is with the native Rexburgers who work on campus.  They tend to talk about old times, old places, old people that they know in common.  Us newbies just have to sit by.  Ideally I think there should be more inclusion.  Are they cronies or am I too sensitive?  How do you deal with cliques?  Are you on the outside looking in, the inside looking out, or not looking at all?
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