Thursday, August 18, 2011

T-248 : Go-lf Karts

Today we had our department retreat.  We left work just after lunch.  The first stop was the local go-kart track.  It was fun racing and passing.  That's one of my favorite participatory sports.  My leg was starting to cramp up a bit after three 4-minute rides, though.

After that we golfed 9 holes.  I'm not very good at that at all.  I played in a foursome with a couple of guys who really tried to help me learn and tweak my swing though.  Plus, we played "scramble"; which meant that each stroke we took the best ball and then all hit from that spot.  That saved me a lot of frustration of trying to beat 10 shots per hole.  In fact, playing that way, we were -1 for the 9 holes.

We finished up the day by having dinner at the country club with our wives.  It was pretty comical all the mistakes the waitress made -- including bringing us all the bleu cheese steaks when many of us had ordered the onion/mushroom ones and also telling me that they were out of salmon only to find that my co-worker's wife, who had showed up late, got what was supposedly the last piece of salmon.  It made for a good laugh.

So, what do you do at your work for fun?
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