Monday, April 26, 2010

Whiny Cheese

When I hear someone whining I often like to sarcastically ask them if they want some cheese with that "whine". Here are a few quotes that some will find motivational while others will find them cheesy:

"There are no 'new truths' and no 'secrets to success'. What we lack is the ability, desire and discipline to accept and live up to the truths we know. Instead we like to pretend that being successful is a secret others are keeping from us, or that it is really really hard so that we have lots of excuses for not achieving it."

“Few people will turn to themselves to take responsibility for their results until they have exhausted all opportunities to blame someone else."

“The real danger with whining is that whining only prolongs the problem.”

So, let there be no whine.  Remind me -- when I do whine -- to knock it off!
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