Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Inoperable Tendencies

I found out today that my dad has inoperable cancer.  I'm already dealing with my mom's failing health due to a stroke she suffered a few months ago.  The word "inoperable" seems to strike me from both meanings:

1. Not functioning; inoperative.
As in: It is difficult for me to function with the weight of this news on my mind.
2. Unsuitable for a surgical procedure
As in: I know that no operation on either Dad or Mom is going to help.

I poked around on the Internet looking for resources that could help me learn more.  While this booklet I found was meant for teens I found a lot of the information in it helpful.  I'm posting a link to it here as much for me to refer back to as to share with others:


There are also a number of thoughts I came upon at http://homeinsteaders.org/category/death/ that inspire me.  One of my favorites at this moment is:

“Death is more universal than life;
everyone dies but not everyone lives.”
~ A. Sachs

So, I find myself thinking that -- while I know everything happens for a reason -- I need a few crutches like those mentioned above to get me through this time.

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